From OCLC/IMLS: Round 1 material testing underway

Five items commonly found in public libraries have been selected for initial lab testing to determine the length of time the COVID-19 virus may live on the surface of these materials. Testing began May 13, 2020, using materials provided to Battelle by Columbus Metropolitan Library, and the results of this first round are expected to be released mid-June.

For more information on this first round of testing and other activities, visit the “Happening Now” project update page (This link is on the IFLS COVID-19 page under the “operations” toggle). For more on the scope, timeline, and committees involved with #REALMproject, visit

From Reb: It’s a holiday

Monday IFLS staff will be off for Memorial Day. Also, May is International Drum Month. And it’s Asian and Pacific Islander Awareness Month. Put those two together and you get this.