• Courier running late

    At least 2 routes have been reported as running late today by the libraries. Route 1304: Hudson (received about 11:15), River Falls(arrived 12:45 pm), Ellsworth, Spring Valley, Plum City, Pepin, and Durand.  Also, route 1303: Somerset (received about 11:30), Baldwin, Menomonie, and Elk Mound.

    07/18/2019 - 12:25pm
  • Working Again!: Automated Telephone Notice and Renewal System

    MORE's automated telephone notice system (sometimes called TNS or Teleforms) and the telephone renewal service are working again as of mid-day July 17 after being down since July 4. Please submit a help desk ticket with questions or problems. -Lori

    07/17/2019 - 12:57pm
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Using Poetry in Storytime Prezi  and handout from Jenna Gilles (Fall Creek)

Storytelling and Props Handout and Song Bag Handout from Deb Nelson (Menomonie)

Favorite Storytime Books from Julie Belz (Ellsworth)

Favorite Storytime Books from ALL Attendees

Favorite Fingerplays from Julie Belz (Ellsworth)

Favorite Music for Storytime from Julie Belz (Ellsworth)

Blog resources with storytime plans, STEAM ideas, Fingerplays (created by Leah at IFLS)