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From Leah and Reb: Where to Find IFLS webinar archives on the IFLS website

You can link to them from the Continuing Education page, or search the Article Index on “IFLS Webinar”, it’ll come up on top. Recordings, slides and handouts for In Times of Crisis:  Managing Key Relationships are up now.

Here’s a link to that page: https://iflsweb.org/knowledge-base/ifls-webinars/

From Kris: Badgetnet Upgrade

Badgernet has assured me they have fixed the issues that caused the last attempt at the upgrade to fail last week and have rescheduled the upgrade for 5/28 8am-noon.  This should go much smoother this time and I am only expecting a very short outage in the morning.  I have made sure there will be an easy way to revert back to the old connection if there are problems again which should minimize any outages from having to move back if needed.  This will only affect Badgernet libraries.