From Maureen: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

No Duct tape on the bins. 
Masking tape or packaging tape is okay for dating the closed bins, but please do not use duct tape. The courier says that it is difficult to remove & leaves a residue.
No new WISCAT interlibrary loan requests for now since most libraries are still only filling holds locally. If you need photocopies or digital materials, email your request to .
Coming Soon
  • You may be able to return interlibrary loan materials soon.  The South Central Library Service ran their western route to our area on Monday. They are testing their capacity for quarantine and handling. We should know by Friday if we will be getting another stop next week.
  • The Division/DPI and System staff from across the state are working on library reopening guidelines including guidelines for delivery. The Systems’ delivery managers will be review a draft of those delivery guidelines on Thursday and hopefully the full report will be out by next week.
Any changes to IFLS ILL and Delivery Guidelines sent out and will be posted on the IFLS COVID pages.
Thanks and please let Maureen know if you have any questions.

From Tiffany: Being Still Webinar Recording

I had missed the live webinar Being Still in an Emergency and was waiting for it to be posted through DPI. I finally emailed Cindy Fesemyer yesterday and she sent the link my way. Passing along to you as a possible inclusion in a Daily Digest in case anyone else might be looking for it:

From Reb: Marketing Monday is back!

Here’s a link. There’s a button on top to sign up to get future Marketing Mondays. The regular schedule is every other week. Feel free to share!