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Known Issues for MORE

Page last updated 4-28-2020
Current Sierra version: 5.0.0_14 as of December 2019

Sierra Circulation

The “number of items on holdshelf” count on your clear expired holds and holdshelf report is not always accurate. The actual entries on the report are reliable, but the total count may not be.
New in Sierra 2.0 SP2, 8-26-2015. Reported to III; fixed as of 4-11-2017

Delay in hold pickup notices generating
Noticed sporadically since switch to Sierra in 2012. Reported to III; no expected fix date; all libraries clearing holdshelves regularly may help

CIRCACTIVE field is not updated upon renewal via Sierra or Express Lane
Noticed in December 2014. Reported to III; no expected fix date

Some circulation override entries missing staff initials
Noticed in January 2014. Reported to III; fix expected in Sierra 4.0

3M self-checks display inaccurate or incomplete holds information
Noticed on 5-4-2016. Reported to III; fixed in Sierra 3.3

Duplicate fines sometimes appear for overdue items renewed online
Noticed sporadically since 2012. Reported to III. The problem is caused by multiple clicks in browsers blocking Java; no fix expected. Please waive duplicated fine, which will have a different invoice number but same amount owed and assessed date. Addressed in Sierra 4.0 and Encore 4.7 (summer 2018)

Error message when attempting to collect money via Sierra
Noticed in July 2018 with Sierra 4.0 update. Per III, this is expected behavior:  if a patron record is open in more than one SDA window, or a fine payment is attempted using a fines payment web service or ecommerce or anywhere else, the patron record is busied you will not be able to make a fine payment.

The fine lock will be removed when:

  • Payment action is complete,
  • Another instance of the patron record is closed in the SDA,
  • Or if neither of the above applies, the lock will expire in four hours.

Statement of Charges notice job does not recognize date limits set
Noticed in July 2018 with update to Sierra 4.0. Fix expected in Sierra 5.1

SIP2 (3rd party) self-checks and telephone renewal assigning incorrect renewal period (too long)
Noticed December 2018, fixed in Sierra 4.3

Sierra Cataloging

Records deleted via Delete Records function not appearing in Session Statistics
Noticed in April 2015; fixed in Sierra 3.0

When a search returns a single result in multi-window mode, the record appears behind the main Sierra Desktop App window. The record is accessible from the task bar.
Present in 4.0 update 7-10-2018. Known issue for III; not fixed in 4.0

Sierra is often slow to return search results, particularly if the search terms produce no matches
Noticed in June 2018 and sporadically since; reported to III and under investigation

Sierra’s High-Demand Holds reports show duplicate entries
Noticed in spring/summer 2019, reported to III

Sierra Acquisitions

Unable to enter x or y records in Sierra for items that have no order record (Amazon orders, supplies, etc.)
Noticed 5-5-2016. Reported to III, use this workaround until a fix is in place.

EDIFACT status reports show a file size of -1. This is a display issue only; files themselves come through properly
Noticed 11-3-2016. Reported to III

Classic catalog (WebPAC)

Some anti-virus software flags www.more.lib.wi.us as a potentially unsafe site
Noticed on 11-11-2015, and again in January 2016. The warning is unrelated to our site, which is safe–more.lib.wi.us is being flagged along with all “lib.wi.us” sites

Location information periodically missing. The problem seems to resolve itself quickly (<1 hour). Encore and Classic Catalog aren’t typically both affected
Noticed June 2017. Reported to III

Classic Catalog is often slow to return search results
Noticed in June 2018, reported to III and eventually resolved

Decision Center

Low Circulation Weeding and Missing Items reports include deleted items
First noticed in May 2015. Reported to III; fixed in May 2016

Unable to “Show Percent Change” in Hourly Circulation Trends report
First noticed in March 2015. Reported to III; fixed in April 2016

Popular Authors report shows duplicate author entries depending on the MARC 100 |e relator term in bib. records
First noticed in January 2015. Reported to III; no expected fix date

Weeding reports “OR” search parameters, rather than “AND”ing. For example, limiting by a location and physical format returns items matching either the location or physical format, not items matching both location and physical format. Reports can be sorted and culled to eliminate results from outside the desired owning location.
First noticed in mid-2014. Reported to III; fixed in April 2016

Missing Items report doesn’t properly export as PDF
First noticed in April 2014. Reported to III; reply received in May 2016 that PDF exports include page breaks after each item location by design

Weeding reports display duplicate item entries. These can be removed after exporting to Excel.
First noticed in January 2014. Reported to III; fixed in April 2016

Encore data starting in mid-December 2015 missing from Decision Center
First noticed in May 2016. Reported to III; fixed summer 2016

Library Elf

Item-level (or copy-specific) holds appear in Elf notices as “Ready for pickup” when they’re still on the shelf at the owning library. Sierra and the online catalog show accurate status information.
First noticed in late 2014; fixed in January 2017. Recurrance reported October 2018; reported to vendor