• Courier running late

    At least 2 routes have been reported as running late today by the libraries. Route 1304: Hudson (received about 11:15), River Falls(arrived 12:45 pm), Ellsworth, Spring Valley, Plum City, Pepin, and Durand.  Also, route 1303: Somerset (received about 11:30), Baldwin, Menomonie, and Elk Mound.

    07/18/2019 - 12:25pm
  • Working Again!: Automated Telephone Notice and Renewal System

    MORE's automated telephone notice system (sometimes called TNS or Teleforms) and the telephone renewal service are working again as of mid-day July 17 after being down since July 4. Please submit a help desk ticket with questions or problems. -Lori

    07/17/2019 - 12:57pm
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Photo of three rocks with arms and legs drawn on paper behind them to make it look like one is lifting weights, one is lifting up arms in triumph, and one is running
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay 

I came across an article from the Harvard Business Review about How to Get Through an Extremely Busy Time at Work and thought immediately of all you wonderful peeps out there in the thick of kicking off your summer programming. 

I'm guessing none of you have time to read a blog right now, but I'm posting this anyway in case you have a short moment to catch up on some reading.  I highly recommend the article, it is very short and practical.  Of course, we need to think about and build in sustainability to our work, but sometimes there is a crunch, when there is more to do than we have time to do it.  A few of the tips include:

  • Intersperse the harder, more taxing things with things that are a little easier on your brain or body.  If doing a program for 75 kids wears you out, follow it up with something you need to get done but that takes less energy or is kind of a treat for you--like some collection development tasks or catching up on some professional reading.  That way you are still being productive, but you are giving your body and brain a chance to rest a little bit.
  • Try to segment things.  When you are not at work, try hard not to worry about work.  Be present with your family, friends, or cats.  Let yourself forget about your to-do list from work when you are at home, and vice versa!
There are a bunch more, I recommend reading!
And if you still have a little time, check out the ALA-APA website about wellness.  It talks about emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental, social, occupational, financial, and intellectual wellness, and there are several resources suggested for each section.  Good stuff!