Squeaking this under the wire before the weekend. Also, your friendly Weekly Digest editor will be stuffing herself with all the delectable treats, so there will be no Digest next week. Happy Thanksgiving and stay warm, y’all!

Spread the news, please!

Deer Park Public Library was one of twenty public libraries asked to participate in the WI State Park Day Pass Pilot Program. It is the only IFLS library in the pilot program. Attached is a poster that I would appreciate you posting at your library promoting the program. Library users do need to come to the Deer Park Public Library to get a pass. They receive a packet of informational materials along with the pass . Here is a link to information about the program on Deer Park’s website. https://deerparkpl.org/2022/10/19/wi-state-parks-pass/

Consider this (from Leah)

The BadgerLink Advisory Group is an excellent opportunity for professionals to add their voice, experience, and insight when it comes to “gathering the diverse opinions and expertise of Wisconsin’s learner communities”. Additionally, the BadgerLink team will “develop strategies to adapt and grow the program as needs evolve”.

I’ve included a bit more information from the BadgerLink Advisory Group page:

“The advisory group provides a platform and space for members to grow professionally in their field, and the opportunity to provide feedback and advice on topics ranging from:

  • ·        Better representing the content needs of the Wisconsin community
  • ·        Offering better user experience at the BadgerLink website
  • ·        Fulfilling effective training needs of BadgerLink users
  • ·        Introducing BadgerLink to new and diverse audiences

Application and membership is voluntary and open to all Wisconsin library and education professionals, as well as those working with community organizations. Members serve staggered, two-year terms.”

ICYMI (also from Leah)

This is the month when many libraries get extra questions about Indigenous people—it is Native American Heritage Month, plus it is the month when most folks in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving.  There are many books that perpetuate inaccurate understandings of “The First Thankgsiving” in our collections.  Are you looking for some new resources to share with folks?  David O’Connor and Kris McDaniel from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction have collected some excellent resources about Teaching Thanksgiving with Accuracy and Authenticity:  https://dpi.wi.gov/news/dpi-connected/teaching-thanksgiving-accuracy-and-authenticity#msdynttrid=f-b7AVq6YZQqR0i1DmLTSY00_CbnK3_0xX3OnCaBrJI

Penguin Random House Grants for Small Libraries (accurate link this week)

Through the generosity of Penguin Random House, we are pleased to announce this grant opportunity for small, rural libraries nationwide! This grant is available to libraries that meet both the IMLS definition for small libraries (a service population of 25,000 or fewer) and the definition for rural libraries (libraries located 5 or more miles from the nearest town of 25k or more). Check the grant FAQ’s below for more information.

Applicants may request:

  • One (1) monetary grant in support of a community-oriented project for up to $1,000.          or 
  • An in-kind grant donation of up to $1,000 in equivalent value to support a circulating collection in your library.

Applications may be submitted beginning November 28, 2022. Deadline to submit applications is December 12, 2022.

Notifications of funding decision will be sent to applicants by January 27, 2023.Funded projects must be completed by December 31, 2023.Project reports must be submitted by February 1, 2024.

The program will award grants to libraries that demonstrate a true need. Monetary grants are not limited to literacy and may be used for everything from library programming and books to resources like hotspots that help community members access important information. Library seeking support for digital collections should request a monetary grant. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vUmkcWYpA55Ntck77yvOOjOUDhexsMPwCUhYZ9r7s18/edit

Marketing Monthly dropped

Find it here.