Continuing Education

Joy Schwarz of NEWI (Northeast Wisconsin continuing education partnership) has created a beautiful calendar of upcoming webinars—she curates stuff from all over the country.

Joy Schwarz and NEWI also made a compilation of sources for archived webinars. It is quite impressive!

Learn De-Escalation Skills and about Empathetic Rule Enforcement with Training Modules

Ryan Dowd’s Homelessness and Libraries is a 3.5 hour self-paced training.  This training will be available through December 2021, thanks to a statewide subscription.  This is an excellent resource for learning about empathetic rule enforcement and and de-escalating challenging situations with all patrons, with some specific information and education about homelessness.  Library directors who want to use for certification (Category C) need to complete all sections and submit a certificate.

Questions?  Concerns?  Please contact Leah at IFLS.

Click here to start your training now. Sign up using your library email address.

Public Library Director Certification Information