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Toolkit: Explore MORE 2023 Passport Campaign

Table of Contents

Explore MORE logo looks like a compass

Watch this page for updates and developments! Questions? Contact Reb at kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us

This is a digital version of the instructions from your Passport Kit, and has everything you need to participate. Questions? Submit a HelpDesk ticket or contact Reb at IFLS (kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us). All toolkit info is on the IFLS Article Index (search “Explore MORE toolkit”).   

Passport  checklist  

Let’s get started! In this kit you’ll find the following items. Take a minute to customize your kit. 

  • Printed Passports. Your library requested ______ passports. You can always order additional passports by contacting Reb at IFLS.  
  • Participation poster(s) to display in a prominent place. 
  • Entry form master
  • Stickers to hand out with entry forms
  • Write in your library name on each entry form in the shaded box. Abbreviations are fine! This is for our records. 
  • Use this sheet to make copies of the entry forms as you need them. Instructions on how to process the entry form are below. 
  • Tally sheet with instructions. This is your record of program participation for the annual report and is how we’ll track participation in the program as a system. You’ll return the tally sheet to us on July 15.  
  • Stamp and stamp pad.
  • Master sheets of itineraries to copy (new this year). 
  • Instructions. 
  • Optional! Add your customizations. 

How-to: Step by Step 

This is your chance to let visitors know about all the great things at your library! Each time you hand out a passport, stamp a passport or accept an entry form you have a chance to engage with your visitor. Here are some ideas that you could pick from.  

  • Hand out a library brochure or flyer with the passport. 
  • Point out a passive program to participate in, like a scavenger hunt. 
  • Tell people about any upcoming events or special exhibits (cross-promotion). 
  • Point out the itineraries and any other community highlights you’d like to share. 
  • If your library has a swag bag offer it to your visitor. 
  • Ask if you can help your visitor find anything. 

Set up  

  • You got one or more participation posters in your passport kit from IFLS. Hang them where people will see them. . 
  • Identify a place that people will go to get their passport stamped. Most libraries last year located the stamp at the circulation or information desk. Hang a poster at that location as well, and stock it with:  
  • the stamp and stamp pad  
  • tally sheet 
  • entry forms and stickers 
  • passports  
  • Itineraries (new this year) 
  • anything your library wants to add (swag bag, bookmarks) 

Hand out passports 

Anyone can get a passport, so you can put these out in a display along with the itineraries. We’ll be keeping track of how many passports we hand out, so please keep track of any additional passports on the tally sheet.  

Passport stamp for in-person participants 

NOTE: One stamp per person per library. Exception is Price and Rusk county libraries that get two stamps each.  

  • Passport stamping should NOT be self-service. 
  • Stamp the gray star in your library’s information. Price and Rusk counties have two stars.  
  • Immediately stamp the tally sheet as well. The tally sheet tracks visits, so only one stamp on the tally sheet per person including Price and Rusk counties.  

Passport Stamp for phone-in & E-mail participants 

  • Your phone code is your 2-letter IIRC code followed by the first 2 digits of your routing number. Write this code on your tally sheet. If you need help figuring out what that is, submit a HelpDesk ticket. 
  • ALL phone or email passport requests count as one stamp, including Price and Rusk counties.  
  • Phone and e-mail participants will be asking for a book, movie or music recommendation. You could leave that up to each person or create a list ahead of time that people can use.  
  • Once you’ve answered, give them their code. 
  • Stamp the tally sheet like you do with an in-person visit. 

Handing out and collecting entry forms 

  • Make copies from the entry form master with your library name on it to hand out. 
  • Verify that the participant has 10 stamps. 
  • Put a big “x” over the ten unused stamps. Remember that Price and Rusk county libraries each count as 2 stamps. 
  • Give the participant an entry form and a sticker. 
  • When you collect the entry form make sure that the name and contact info is legible, and that they’ve checked the prize drawings they want to participate in. 

New This Year

CVTC Academic Library and Cornell Public Library will be joining us this year! 

Here’s some information about CVTC from Jen Cook (jcook34@cvtc.edu)

Our learning center is located at the Eau Claire Campus, the Business Education Center 620 West Clairemont Street, Eau Claire, WI 54701.  Visitors can park in the short term visitor lot. 

CVTC is the only academic library in the MORE system.  We serve students, faculty, staff and community members are welcome as well.  We collect academic texts that might be useful to families needing research materials, as well as popular fiction and nonfiction, YA and children’s books, audiobooks, periodicals and DVDs. 

In addition to traditional library materials we collect a variety of items in our Library of Things.  Items include board games and puzzles, cookie cutters, a variety of equipment, ties for job interviews, frisbee discs and an ukelele. 

Cornell Public Library will go live with MORE as early as July 15. I can’t wait to visit in person!

Welcome to them both!

Northern Waters Library Service creates passport program

Northern Waters Library Service area libraries are joining the fun! Northern Waters libraries will stamp our passports (there’s a spot for 5 non-MORE library stamps). Please stamp their passports, too!


Details coming soon

Staff-only passports

Details coming soon

Logos, Fonts, Printables, Your Code

Logos and fonts

Items from your toolkit

  • Tally sheet and 2023 instructions  (included in the passport kit sent to your library) For phone and email passport participants use your IIRC 2-letter library code followed by the first two digits of your library terminal #
  • entry form pdf
  • printable passport formatted for home printers (letter size)
  • Pre-printed posters (lined below)


Social Media


  • Explore MORE: Our People, Our Places These are some of our librarians’ favorite books set locally or by local authors. Start here to find a fun read to accompany your Explore MORE Passport adventure! (Adult fiction and nonfiction.)
  • Explore MORE Passport: Just for Kids Books to bring with you on your Explore MORE Passport adventure!
  • Explore MORE: Great Guides We picked our favorite guides to get you started on your Explore MORE Passport adventure! (If you can’t find what you want here, your librarian is happy to suggest other options!)


March Toolkit: Building Anticipation

People are getting excited! Ramp up the anticipation for the April 24 launch day. Include an article in your newsletter or create a press release with the information here. Put up a poster and use the social media posts to get the word out.


“Coming Soon” poster pdf or Canva template

Social Media 

Click on the image to download. Canva template link is for all three posts.

MORE and Northern Waters passport partnership

To post the week of April 3: We’re so excited that our neighbors to the north decided to create some passport fun! Visit these libraries for a bonus stamp on your Explore MORE Passport! https://nwls.wislib.org/library-directory/

To post the week of April 10: Bring the library with you! Before you hit the Explore MORE Passport trail check out our favorite guides. Link to: https://more.bibliocommons.com/list/share/2085701409_explore_more/2085792399_explore_more_great_guides

prize announcement

To post the week of April 17: Explore MORE Passport Program starts April 24, 2023. I’ll forward detailed prize information. Link to: https://iflsweb.org/exploremore2023/

Print Media/Radio Press Release

This is content taken from the public facing page. This should give you all the details you need to write your article or press release. Contact Reb (kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us) if you need additional support.

By popular demand, the Explore MORE Passport Program is back for a second year! Go to public  libraries to collect passport stamps for a chance to win prizes. At the same time, explore our beautiful communities with unique local businesses, parks, museums and more!

How to be an Explorer

1. Stop by any participating MORE library to pick up your passport, or download your passport start April 24, 2023. Passports can be stamped from April 24, 2022 until July 15, 2022.

2. There are two ways that you can get your passport stamped.

  • Visit any MORE library to get a passport stamp. While you’re there, you might want to check out an item, participate in a fun program or activity, or sign in and use a public computer. Your library might have other great events coming up, or suggestions about other activities in the community, so be sure to ask!
  • Can’t travel? Call any MORE library and ask the librarian for a book or movie recommendation, or ask a question about the library or the community. You’ll get a secret code to add to your passport. Please don’t share your code.

Only one stamp or code per patron per library with this exception: you’ll get two stamps for visiting the Bruce Area Library, Rusk County Community Library in Ladysmith, Ogema Public Library, Phillips Public Library, Park Falls Public Library (Price and Rusk counties).

New this year! Visit up to five libraries outside of the MORE library system and get credit for one stamp per library!

3. For every ten stamps or codes you collect, go to a MORE-member library and get an entry form for a chance to win prizes. You may enter up to five times.

4. The prize drawing will occur on August 1, 2023. Winners will be notified using the contact information on their entry form. Staff of IFLS Library System and MORE libraries are not eligible to win.


  • Grand prize for adults: adventure pack
  • Grand prize for kids: adventure pack
  • State Trail Pass
  • State Park Pass
  • Watch this space for details!

Plan Your Adventure

Most of our libraries are in rural areas that may not have cell coverage. (All MORE libraries have public internet access.)

We encourage you to find and download directions to your destinations!  You also might want to call ahead to confirm program details and open hours, especially if it’s a long drive for you.

Find a Library

The MORE app allows you to see locations, details and directions for all MORE libraries on your phone or mobile device. Find “MORE Libraries” on the Google Play or the Apple App Store.You can also find links to library websites on the MORE online catalog.

Marketing Committee

This program was developed by the IFLS Marketing Committee. Contact any of these committee members with questions.

Rebecca Kilde (kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us) and Bridget Krejci (krejci@ifls.lib.wi.us), IFLS staff

Cricket LaFond, Director, Clear Lake Public Library (clafond@clearlakelibrary.org)

Michelle Johnson, Director, Hammond Public Library (mjohnson@hammondpubliclibrary.org)

Laura Turpin, Youth Services, St. Croix Falls Public Library (lturpin@stcroixfallslibrary.org)

Karen Couch, Marketing & Tech Services, Thomas St. Angelo Public Library of Cumberland (karenc@cumberlandpl.org)

Mary Hebda, Director, Ogema Public Library (maryhebda@ogemalibrary.org)


Minimal Required Participation: Each library will be asked to have passports and entry forms on hand to pass out, and appropriately stamp passports (not self-serve). Please pass out stickers to anyone who fills out an entry form (ten visits).

Add-ons encouraged: Libraries are encouraged to partner with other MORE libraries and local businesses to expand the passport program locally.


Primary Goal: Increase visitor traffic in libraries.

Secondary Goals:

  • Demonstrate the MORE system: you can check a book out from Rice Lake and return it to Ellsworth!
  • Lead up to Summer Library Programs.
  • Promote the MORE app.
  • Increase circulation, expand the number of card-holders.
  • Cultivate partnerships between libraries and local businesses.