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ILL Lending Your Items (ILL Holds)

(Also called IFLS-Placed Interlibrary Loan Holds)

The IFLS Interlibrary Loan Staff maintains an internal priority list for referring interlibrary loan requests to IFLS libraries.  IFLS will refer interlibrary loan requests to MORE libraries for non-MORE (in system and out of system) requests by placing holds directly on the MORE circulation system. For these IFLS placed holds, Please check out these items directly to the ILL library patron and ship directly to the ILL patron.

Recognizing IFLS-Placed ILL Holds

Paging Slips

  • IFLS Library System listed as the home library (address in the upper left corner)
  • A non-MORE library listed in the patron field
  • “CHECKOUT TO ILL – staff use only” listed as the pickup location
  • Borrowing library request information in the hold note

NOTE:  Any Check In that brings up “Checkout to ILL” as the pickup location is an IFLS placed ILL hold.

Filling IFLS-Placed ILL Holds

From a paging slip

  • Go to Circ Desk
  • Pull up the ILL library patron listed on the paging slip (ILL will be last name for these patrons)
  • Checkout the material to the ILL library patron (MAKE SURE THE BARCODE MATCHES)
  • Ship directly to the borrowing library with appropriate shipping label or flag (Please mail will be in note field with request number if library not on Wisconsin courier routes.)

From check-in that places items in transit to “Checkout to ILL”

  • Go to Search Holds
  • Pull up item by title or barcode
  • Note the borrowing library’s patron info found in the hold note
  • Go to Circ Desk
  • Pull up the ILL library patron record
  • Check out the item to the ILL borrowing library patron
  • Ship directly to the borrowing library

In either scenario, the borrowing library needs to have the following information included with the outgoing item – Due Date; their patron information found in the hold note; and where to return the book.  All of this information can be noted on the paging slip which should be sent out with the material.

NOTE:  Staff can ignore the phrase “staff use only” part of the Checkout to ILL location – this phrase is included because this pickup location appears in the Web
OPAC pickup list and patrons should not use it.

NOTE:  Any holds that have IFLS as the pickup location can be routed to the system office with IFLS transit slip.   These requests are usually for materials wanted by the IFLS staff.

Unable to fill an IFLS-Placed Hold?

If you cannot fill a hold placed by IFLS, please contact the IFLS ILL office via phone, email, or fax to let us know. You don’t have to worry about tranferring or cancelling an IFLS placed ILL hold. Please respond within 24 hours of printing the item paging slip.  If sending fax reply, please write the reason for not filling on the paging slip (IFLS fax numbers are 715-839-5151 or tollfree 877-267-1023).

If you have any concerns or questions or problems with any of these procedures, please call the IFLS Interloan office at 715-839-5082 or tollfree 800-321-5427.

MORE ILL Patron Records

IFLS ILL staff maintains the MORE interlibrary loan patron records.  All of these records should begin with ILL, as the last name of the patron with the city name of the public library or school name as the first name.  The Address2 field was used to include the courier system if the library is on the Wisconsin statewide courier routes; that info has also been added as a Note field.

If you have any problems or questions about these ILL patron records, please contact Maureen Welch, IFLS ILL Coordinator.