I can’t believe I forgot to take photos at the Storytime Bonanza Workshop!  I find I’m always too interested in what is going on to take time to remember things like taking pictures–especially when we have such great presenters as all those IFLS librarians!  Fun stuff!

For those of you who had to stay away due to your own programs, or illness, or short-staffed libraries, or whatever else–take a peek at the handouts that were created as part of the workshop.  These include:

  • Favorite Books–by children’s librarian Julie Belz, but also a compilation of books shared by all the attendees at the workshop!
  • Suggestions of blogs and other resources that have excellent storytime ideas (the IFLS website will soon be updated with some of these resources, as well)
  • Favorite Fingerplays and Books (thanks again, Julie Belz!)
  • Awesome suggestions for using poetry in storytime (thanks Jenna Gilles!)
  • Ideas for emphasizing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

We also talked about the second edition of Every Child Ready to Read and some of the key components of this information and training.  Remember to contact me if you are interested in getting on a list to borrow the IFLS copy of the Every Child Ready to Read kit.